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What kind of sand-making machine should I choose for artificial sand

The manufacturing process of artificial sand and the operation principle of artificial sand-making machines. At present, there is a large demand for sand and gravel aggregates in various places, but the supply of natural sand in some areas is insufficient, and artificial sand making has become the main source of sand and gravel attacks. So, how do choose a high-quality sand-making machine?

artificial sand

Artificial sand making is to crush large pieces of ore and then enter the sand-making machine for sand making, to produce sand aggregates with the same fineness and uniform particles that can be comparable to natural sand. Crushing equipment and sand-making equipment are indispensable for artificial sand making, among which the sand-making machine is a key to the quality of artificial sand and gravel finished products.

artificial sand

Device Selection

1. Consider the particle size of the manufactured sand

Different types of sand-making machines produce different particle sizes of machine-made sand, and their discharge particle sizes are also different, so it is necessary to select the appropriate model according to the required discharge particle size.

2. Consider the output of the production line

The output of different types of sand-making machines is also different, so the matching sand-making equipment should be selected according to the actual output of the production line. For the fixed sand-making production line, pay attention to the cooperation with other equipment models when choosing the model of the sand-making machine, so that it can exert better production capacity.

3. Purchase according to the environment of the sand making site

When the production site is relatively large and there are many raw materials, we can consider choosing a large-scale fixed sand-making machine, and when the site is small, we can choose a small sand-making machine. In addition, when the material is not too accumulated, that is, the material is relatively scattered, and it is necessary to change the field, you can consider moving the sand-making machine equipment.

artificial sand

Manufacturer’s choice

1. When choosing a manufacturer, try to choose big manufacturers and old manufacturers as much as possible.

2. Choose a manufacturer with good quality equipment and materials. Because each manufacturer chooses different materials to build equipment, a slightly inferior material looks no different from the genuine surface, but in fact, there is an essential difference. Equipment with poor quality has a short service life.

3. When choosing a manufacturer, we must figure out our equipment needs, and choose equipment and manufacturers that meet our needs. What suits you is good.

All in all, when purchasing sand making machine, we should first clarify our own needs, and determine which sand-making machine we want according to the characteristics of our own raw materials.

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