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What is the equipment for sludge dewatering

Sludge dewatering is one of the common equipment in the industry. So what are the common sludge dewatering equipment? The following article introduces the types of equipment for sludge dewatering.

 sludge dewatering

1. Plate and frame sludge dewatering machine

Working principle: In a closed state, the sludge pumped in by the high-pressure pump is squeezed by the plate frame, so that the water in the sludge is discharged through the filter cloth to achieve the purpose of dehydration.

Advantages: low price, good at dewatering inorganic sludge, low moisture content of mud cake.

Disadvantages: easy to block, need to use a high-pressure pump, not suitable for the dehydration of oily sludge, difficult to achieve continuous automatic operation.

2. Belt sludge dewatering machine

Working principle: The sludge layer is carried by the two tensioned filter belts. From a series of regularly arranged roller pressing cylinders, passing through in an S shape, relying on the tension of the filter belt itself, the squeezing and shearing force on the sludge layer is formed, and the capillary water in the sludge layer is squeezed out to realize the sludge. Dehydrated.

Advantages: low price, common use, relatively mature technology.

Disadvantages: easy to block, requiring a lot of water to clean, causing secondary pollution.

 sludge dewatering

3. Centrifugal sludge dewatering machine

Working principle: It consists of reprinting and a screw conveyor with a hollow shaft. The sludge is sent into the drum by the hollow shaft. Under the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation, the sludge is thrown into the drum cavity. Because the specific gravity is different, solid-liquid separation is formed. The sludge is conveyed to the cone end of the rotating drum and discharged continuously from the outlet under the push of the screw conveyor. The liquid in the liquid ring layer is continuously “overflowed” from the weir orifice and discharged to the outside of the rotating drum by gravity.

Advantages: large processing capacity.

Disadvantages: high power consumption, high noise, severe vibration; difficult maintenance, not suitable for solid-liquid separation with close specific gravity.

4. Die’s sludge dewatering machine

Working principle: The filter body is formed by the fixed ring and the moving ring stacked on each other, and the spiral shaft penetrates through it. The sludge is fully dewatered through gravity concentration and the internal pressure formed by the back pressure plate during the advancing process. The filtrate is discharged from the filter gap formed by the fixed ring and the movable ring, and the mud cake is discharged from the end of the dewatering section.

Advantages: self-cleaning, non-clogging, low-concentration sludge can be directly dewatered; slow speed, power saving, no noise, and vibration; fully automatic control can be achieved, 24 hours unmanned operation.

Disadvantages: Not good at dewatering sludge with large particles and high hardness; the processing capacity is small.

 sludge dewatering

5. Screw press dehydrator

The screw of the screw press dehydrator is installed in a cylinder composed of a filter screen. The diameter of the screw body gradually becomes thicker from the inlet to the outlet of the dehydrated raw material. As the volume between the screw blades gradually decreases, the dehydrated raw material is gradually compressed. The solid and liquid in the dehydrated raw material are separated by compression, and the filtrate is discharged through the mesh of the filter, flows to the filtrate collection tank under the dehydrator, and then is discharged to the outside of the machine.

The above is the common sludge dewatering machine. If customers have problems in use, you can contact us. Our company has professional technicians and teams to solve the problems for you.

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