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Summary of daily maintenance of sand making machine

Due to the long-term continuous operation of the sand-making machine, the working environment is high dust, high noise, and large vibration, which is relatively harsh, and various failures are inevitable during operation. To maintain good performance, it is necessary to do daily maintenance, and find and deal with faults in time. This article introduces the main points of the 6-point sand-making machine maintenance, as well as the treatment methods for common faults.

sand making machine

Daily maintenance precautions and troubleshooting methods

1. Try to ensure a reasonable working environment

Through reasonable positioning, installation of shock absorbers, and other measures, the harmful vibration of impact rupture can be reduced. Install the enclosure system to reduce the adverse impact of the external environment on the impact rupture. During the normal crushing operation, the air vortex in the crushing cavity creates an ideal dust collection environment, and there will be no large amount of dust overflow under normal circumstances. However, when starting, stopping, or feeding, the impact crusher feed hopper is insufficient, and the vortex effect of the air in the crushing chamber is weakened, which will cause a large amount of dust to overflow from the impact crusher. A water spray device can be installed in the discharge hole, and it will be interlocked with the motor switch so that when the impact crusher starts or stops, it will automatically spray and reduce dust to achieve the effect of controlling dust overflow.

2. Remove the debris in the crushed material in time

During the feeding process, there are often mixed iron or materials with excessive particle size, which will cause damage to the impact rupture and even the entire sand-making system. Such as scratching the belt, blocking the feeding port and discharge hole, affecting the life of the distributor on the impeller. Therefore, a grid screen should be installed at the feeding port to remove the debris with excessive particle size. A strong magnetic iron separator is installed on the upper part of the conveyor belt near the outlet. At the same time, the iron remover should be checked frequently to remove debris to prevent the impact of debris on the impact breaking and even the sand making line.

sand making machine

3. The impeller steering error that prevents the motor from reversing

After maintenance work, especially electrical maintenance work, the rotation of the motor should be confirmed before the impact crusher performs the crushing work. The correct direction of the motor can be marked with a painted arrow on the motor during normal daily operations, and the impacted feed port should be confirmed and observed. Because the steering of the impeller in the impact crusher is wrong, it will lead to the poor distribution effect of the distributor and increase the wear and tear of the equipment. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the steering and rotation speed of the two motors are consistent. If an abnormality occurs in this regard, it will cause irreversible damage to the motor, increase the load on one of the motors, burn out the coil, and affect the life of the motor.

4. Rational use to ensure sufficient oil

As the core part, the inner structure of the bearing cylinder is complex, and it is difficult to disassemble and assemble. The normal operation of the oil station is more critical, and the return oil temperature should be recorded regularly to observe the return oil quality. At the same time, for the key lubricating parts, it is necessary to ensure that the lubrication is effective and in place, and consult the manufacturer of the oil type used to ensure accurate and timely addition.

sand making machine

5. Ensure the proper tension of the V-belt

Daily management of V-belts, especially aging judgment, tension control, etc. It is especially important for impact breaking such double motor drive equipment. Because the tension of each V-belt is inconsistent, the degree of wear will be inconsistent, and the belt will suddenly break, which will also cause the load of the two motors to be inconsistent.

The V-belt should be checked regularly. When it needs to be replaced, it is best to replace it all at one time and choose the same batch of products from the same manufacturer and the same model. After replacing the V-belt, run the new V-belt idly for 30 minutes, then re-adjust the tension, and then perform a feeding operation, and adjust the tension again after 8 hours of operation.

6. Set key parameters to record the operation

Detailed records of key data, such as bearing temperature, oil return temperature of oil station, ammeter current value, belt scale data, vibration value, start and stop time, fault conditions, etc. Data analysis is carried out every week to judge the operation of the equipment. At the same time, a monitoring device is installed in the impact crusher feeding hopper and the motor transmission part to facilitate the timely observation of the operation of the equipment.

This article introduces the daily maintenance matters and common troubleshooting methods of the sand-making machine. If there is an abnormal phenomenon in daily operation, do not take it lightly, and stop it immediately for maintenance to avoid greater losses.

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