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Precautions Before Running The Trommel Sand Washer

Trommel sand washer is a kind of sand washing machine. Buy a new drum sand washing machine and debug it before running, so as to make the life longer.

Preparation Before Commissioning

1. After the components of the drum sand washer have been installed and passed the inspection, the trial operation can be carried out. Before a trial operation, check in detail that the components are installed correctly according to the drawings, the fasteners are firm, and whether there are obstacles around the screen body that hinder the operation of the drum screen.

2. Put the rectangular inspection door in the open position, and rotate the screening cylinder by manual turning to observe whether the comb-type cleaning mechanism has jamming or friction. If there is, it can be adjusted by adjusting the bolt.

3. Check that each bearing seat and gearbox should be well lubricated, and the gearbox oil level should be appropriate.

4. The power connector should be firm and reliable, well insulated, and grounded correctly.

trommel sand washer

Empty Machine Test Run

1. Turn on the motor control button and check whether the rotation of the motor is consistent with the rotation shown on the cage drum screen.

2. Start the equipment to operate for 1-2 hours and observe the operation of the drum sand washer. If abnormal noise or other phenomena are found, stop the machine for inspection in time to find out the cause and eliminate the fault.

3. The following items should be checked for 1-2 hours of trial operation.
a. The maximum temperature of the large shaft bearing should not exceed 75℃ and the temperature rise should not exceed 45℃.
b. The tightening conditions of the tightening bolts at various places should be tightened in time if they are found to be loose.

trommel sand washer

Trial Run

1. When the trommel sand washer is running smoothly, start the feeding and discharging equipment for trial operation of feeding.

2. Close the sealed isolation cover after normal discharging (during normal operation, the sealed isolation cover should always be in the closed position).

3. Check the particle size of the discharged material, check whether there is material leakage and dust is normal.

4. After running for half an hour, carefully check all parts to see if they are normal and deal with any problems in time.

5. The operation should be checked frequently during the trommel sand washer work process. If an abnormal operation or abnormal noise is found, the machine should be shut down and checked in time to find out the reason and eliminate the fault.

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