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How To Make Silica Sand

How to make silica sand

The fracturing sand enters the silo for storage and goes through a  vibrating screen for screening treatment, and the screened sand> 20 mesh is extracted separately. <20 purposes go through the magnetic separator for magnetic separation and then enter the scrubbing machine for washing. When the material passes through the scrubbing machine, it is fully stirred and washed, and the sludge removed after scrubbing enters the secondary magnetic separation operation.

The sand after magnetic separation is cleaned and dehydrated in a sand washer, separated by an impeller separator, and then enters the lower dewatering screen for dehydration treatment. The wastewater (containing a large amount of fine sand, mud, dust, and other impurities) overflowing from the cleaning tank, the separated sand is passed into the mud transfer tank through the thick mud of the trihydrogen purifier, and then pumped by the special pump of the filter press.

Into the chamber filter press, the filter press is filtered into a mud cake and discharged. At the same time, the trihydrogen purification body overflows the clean water, and the clean water filtered by the filter press is returned to the clean water rotating tank, to realize the dry waste treatment and the recycling and reuse of water resources.

 make silica sand

The characteristic of make silica sand

1. Stable operation

The oil fracturing sand screening and washing production line has automated production operations, and the sand screening and washing operations are simpler, saving labor and time.

2. Low failure rate

The equipment components are resistant to compression and wear, with a low replacement rate, modular design, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving

The production line reduces pollution, has a large output and high efficiency ensures that there is less dust, noise, and other emissions during the screening and washing production process, and all operations meet environmental protection requirements.

 make silica sand

the make silica sand line has been officially put into use. The production line has been running well and the output is stable, and it has broken the series of problems of traditional production lines such as large dust, large area, and large fineness modulus of finished products. The realization of green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, small space occupation, and a new type of production plan for screening and washing with good quality of finished materials has brought significant economic benefits to users.

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