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Do you know about a suitable sand production line

The choice of the sand-making production line is one of the important factors affecting the future development of sand-making plants. Choose the appropriate sand production line according to the source of raw materials, pay attention to environmental protection and the quality of finished sand, to become bigger and stronger in the construction and industry. So, how do choose a suitable sand production line?

 sand production line

1. Before choosing sand making production line, you must clarify your actual needs. Requirements need to be considered from three aspects.

One is the raw material, such as what is the raw material, what are the physical and chemical properties, what is the particle size, what is the moisture content, what is the powder content, and so on.

The second is the production demand, such as how much production capacity and what kind of sand and gravel need to be produced (whether it is to produce machine-made sand or to produce aggregate, or both).

The third is the production environment, such as whether the local water resources are abundant and the temperature condition, which is related to the choice of sand making process. These needs have been clarified, and basically, the process, principle, and production capacity of the sand production line can also be determined.

If you don’t know much about the sand-making equipment industry, you can find a few more sand-making equipment manufacturers for a detailed consultation, and you can basically get a good understanding of it.

 sand production line

2. When the demand is clear and the basic sand-making process and related equipment models are determined, it is time to choose the manufacturer of sand-making equipment.

When choosing a manufacturer of sand-making equipment, it is best to go to the equipment manufacturer for inspection, and compare a few in the early stage to see how the equipment they produce? Whether there is an actual completed project, and if so, it is necessary to investigate and understand the evaluation of the equipment from those who have purchased the equipment. Finally, they provide raw materials for trial production to see if the quality of the machine-made sand produced by their sand production line meets their actual requirements.

 sand production line

3. When choosing a sand production line, we must attach great importance to environmental protection.

Many sand-making plants are required to suspend production indefinitely for rectification or even close down directly because of environmental protection failures. The environmental protection of the sand-making industry mainly considers three aspects.

One is dust pollution.

The second is water pollution.

The third is noise pollution.

When testing the machine, additional attention should be paid to these three aspects. If it fails to meet the local environmental protection standards, it is necessary to contact the equipment manufacturer to provide a corresponding solution. If it cannot be solved, it is necessary to carefully consider whether it is necessary to purchase this sand-making equipment.

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