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3 common 50 tons per hour sand washing equipment

Artificial sand is the most widely used raw material in the sand and gravel market. With the rapid development of the infrastructure industry, highways, railways, bridges, and construction are all inseparable from sand and gravel aggregates. What equipment is needed for artificial sand? This article will give you a summary of 3 common sand washing equipment.

Artificial sand made from tailings also allows miners to make money. Artificial sand is formed by sand-making equipment. There are many raw materials of artificial sand, which will contain a lot of impurities. Therefore, many people will ask, should the artificial sand after crushing be washed?

sand washer

1. Does artificial sand have to be washed?

Artificial sand does not necessarily have to be washed with water, and it depends on the raw materials of the user to process the artificial sand and the way of use. If the standard of artificial sand is higher, it needs to be cleaned. Because the artificial sand processed by the equipment contains a lot of impurities, the purity is not high, and it does not meet the standards of construction sand, so this part of the sand and gravel with high requirements needs to be cleaned, such as concrete, houses, and other buildings.

2. What equipment should be used for cleaning artificial sand

The market has high standards for construction sand. To make artificial sand meet the construction sand standard, artificial sand needs to be cleaned. The finished artificial sand is doped with a lot of stone powder, and the equipment that can be used includes a sand washing and recycling dewatering integrated machine, a wheel sand washing machine, and a spiral sand washing machine.

Common 3 medium artificial sand equipment

Sand washing, recycling and dehydration integrated machine

1. Sand washing recycling and dehydration integrated machine

The integrated sand washing, recycling, and dewatering machine integrates dehydration, sand washing and tailings recovery, and combines three effects into one, which can effectively save the cost of equipment purchase and save the trouble of purchasing a dehydrator and a fine sand recovery machine. The integrated sand washing, recycling and dewatering machine use a power device to drive the impeller to rotate, and the sand and gravel roll under the action of the impeller, and finally complete the cleaning process.

wheel sand washer

2. Wheel sand washing machine

The wheel sand washing machine has a mature production process, strong sealing, small loss of fine sand, and low water consumption, and water resources can be recycled. The wheel sand washing machine takes away the impurities contained in the artificial sand through the turning of the impeller and the water flow and completes the sand and gravel cleaning work.

Spiral sand washing machine

3. Spiral sand washing machine

The main working part of the spiral sand washing machine is the spiral blade. The artificial sand aggregate is stirred by the screw device, and then the impurities with small specific gravity are discharged in time through the settling speed of different particles, to complete the cleaning and screening of artificial sand.

The above introduces the necessity of artificial sand cleaning and 3 kinds of commonly used sand washing machine equipment. These 3 kinds of equipment have their advantages and disadvantages. When purchasing a sand washing machine, users should consider the actual situation of the sand washing site, artificial sand raw materials, and Factors such as production scale should be considered.

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