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The Elevator Sand Washing Machine Sale In Sri Lanka

Elevator sand washing machine is commonly used sand washing equipment. The elevator sand washing machine has outstanding characteristics such as high cleanliness, reasonable structure, and large output. It has a very wide range of applications in the sand making industry. This article lists some questions and answers about sand washing machines.

Elevator sand washing machine

1. The price of elevator sand washing machine

Due to the difference in configuration, model, and manufacturer’s brand, even the price of the corresponding wheeled car washing machine in different regions will be different. Under normal circumstances, the output efficiency of the large elevator wheel sand washer is higher and the flexibility is higher. Therefore, the price of a large-scale wheel sand washing machine is relatively expensive. The price of the medium-sized elevator bucket sand washing machine is in the middle, and the small-sized wheel-type car washing machine is small in size, light in weight, small in processing capacity, and low in price.

2. Model of elevator sand washing machine

According to the number of buckets, wheeled sand washing machines can be divided into a single bucket, double bucket, and three bucket sand washing machines. The output of these three-bucket sand washing machines is different. The greater the number of buckets, the greater the output. Users can choose a suitable wheel sand washer according to the scale of the sand and gravel plant.

Elevator sand washing machine

3. Manufacturer of elevator sand washing machine

When choosing a wheel sand washer manufacturer, please try to choose a professional direct-sale sand washer manufacturer. The direct sales factory can not only provide users with a full set of inventory equipment for wheel sand washing machines but also customize sand washing machines according to users’ actual production needs. Manufacturers of production lines and direct-sale sand washing machines have no middlemen to make a difference, and the prices are more favorable.

4. Advantages of elevator sand washing machine

The structure of the wheel sand washer is simple, and its bearing device is designed to be separated from water and materials, which can effectively prevent the bearing from corrosion and affect work efficiency. The stonewashed by the wheel sand washer can completely reach the construction sand Standard, large processing capacity, easy to maintain, fully enclosed oil bath rotating device and adjustable overflow weir make the product have high efficiency and high durability, and there are many types.

The price, model, and manufacturer of the wheel elevator sand washer are introduced above. Wheel sand washing machine occupies an important position in the sand washing production line. Therefore, care must be taken when choosing a suitable model of wheel sand washer.

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