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The 7 Ways to Improve The Sand Washing Machine Cleaning Efficiency

The sand washing machine uses water washing to effectively remove the impurities in the stones, which can improve the cleaning efficiency. In the production process, the sand washing machine has the advantages of large processing capacity and high cleaning degree. It is the mainstream equipment in the sand making industry at home and abroad. How to effectively improve the cleaning efficiency of the sand washing machine directly affects the quality of customer project.

1. Prevent impurities from entering

The cleanliness and mud content of sand is one of the reasons for the decline in the output of sand washing machines. In the cleaning process, avoid impurities affecting the cleaning effect of the finished product. It is also necessary to prevent materials with high hardness from entering the inside of the machine, causing wear and tear to the equipment and reducing the service life.

2. Reasonably control the liquid level of the sand washing machine

The liquid level is too low to achieve the cleaning effect. If the liquid level is too high, water resources will be wasted, but the ideal cleaning effect will not be achieved and the sand will easily overflow. The amount of material to be cleaned at one time must be within the specified range, otherwise, it is prone to failure. 

3. Material concentration

The processing capacity of the sand washing machine reaches the maximum at the critical concentration. The critical concentration is related to the specified graded particle size and varies with the density of sand and gravel and the content of mud. The higher the sand density or the lower the mud content, the higher the critical concentration, and vice versa.

4. Clarify sand and gravel properties

The production capacity of the sand washing machine is related to the properties of sand and gravel, including the hardness, density, mud content, and particle size of the sand and gravel materials. The density of the material is directly proportional to the production capacity of the sand washing machine. Factors such as uneven sand and gravel materials may affect the processing capacity of sand washing equipment.

5. The sand washer should be placed in a suitable location

The sand washer can be placed on flat ground or at a high place, but the plane must be hard enough. It must not be placed close to the water source, these places are prone to collapse and cause unnecessary production troubles. In addition, there must be sufficient space to ensure stable material transportation and production, and sufficient storage space for machine-made sand after cleaning to avoid secondary pollution.

6. The technical level of the operator

The output of the sand washing machine is low, and 60% of the factors may be caused by the error of the staff. The poor technical level will affect the normal operation of the equipment and greatly reduce the production efficiency of the sand washing machine.

7. Daily inspection

The equipment should be carefully inspected in many aspects before the machine runs. For example, whether there are residual impurities in the bucket, the discharge port, and the water storage tank. The firmness of the connecting anchor bolts. The oil volume of the reducer. Wear the condition inside the sand washer.

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