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How to Recycle Water for Washing Aggregate?

The recycling of water for washing aggregate is also called sewage desliming, which is to separate the suspended solids and harmful substances in the sewage to get clean water that can be used normally or discharge up to the standard. As the most effective water recycling equipment, the combination of thickener and filter press can quickly separate the mud and water for aggregates, sand, and cement washing, solidify the mud, clear the sewage for recycling. It reduces pollution to the environment, saves a lot of raw materials, and greatly reduces the production cost.

Final products

More than 95% of the mud water becomes clean water and recycled.

The sludge is dewatered and turned into mud cake, which is directly loaded and transported out of the truck.

Thickener+filter press working principle

The thickener is a piece of solid-liquid separation equipment that combines the basic working principle of a vertical sedimentation tank with the action of gravity sedimentation. The slurry wastewater with a solid content of 2% ~ 10% can be elevated to the concentration of 40% ~ 60% mud through gravity settlement. At the same time, the upper part of the tank can realize the overflow of clean water, so as to achieve the purpose of sewage purification and solid-liquid separation.

Muddy water recycling working process

The wastewater after washing aggregate enters the thickener through the chute and is fully mixed with a certain concentration of flocculant, and after slow flow, the tiny solid particles in the muddy water are aggregated into larger flocculent masses, and the clean water is separated at the same time. The clean water is discharged from the top outlet and recycled to achieve zero discharge of production wastewater. The thickened underflow mud is discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the tank and enters the filter press. After the maximum degree of mud and water separation, the mud cake is formed and discharged.

Muddy water purifying system features

1. Compact structure, small size, large mud processing capacity, and good separation performance.

2. High dehydration efficiency and high solid content of mud cake.

3. The high degree of automation, continuous operation and production, wide application range, low operating cost, low power consumption, simple operation and use, and convenient installation and maintenance.

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